Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day Away

I'd been asking Dustin to get away with me for the day, and we finally decided to go for it. So middle of the week we trekked to Columbus to the North Market. But before we could leave the house I just had to find out what was causing such a commotion on the front porch...

Oh, now that's adorable. This poor little baby robin has taken over the plant Meg asked me to take care of while she's away this summer. When I asked what I needed to do for it she said to put it on my front porch and water it every so often... I don't think this was what she had in mind. There's no nest, but he sits in the plant all day tweeting as loud as can be for someone to feed him.
But we finally made it to the market. It was fabulous in my opinion. Dustin ate curry and I ate Greek food - some yummy concoction like lasagna but instead of noodles it was layered with potatoes (which happen to be my favorite food). We ate some of the yummiest ices cream ever from Jeni's Ice Cream. And the best part is (drum roll please) they give unlimited tastes! So I tried so many flavors before deciding on the combo of Riesling pear sorbet and black cherry with some kind of beer mixed in... to die for! I went thinking I'd get the Queen's City Cayenne - it's why we went, but they had so many yummy flavors I got talked out of it. We bought yummy bread coated in garlic and olive oil, sweets like marzipan and tiramasu, and paused to take a photo...It was a great day.

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  1. Jeni's ice cream has released their summer flavors and one of them is black raspberry sweet corn...
    Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries
    Buttery, milky sweet corn gives way flawlessly to sweet-tart black raspberry jam. Breath of honey on the finish.

    OMG can you even imagine how good that would taste? I may have to make a special trip just for a scoop of ice cream.