Friday, June 25, 2010

Game Night

Well Dave couldn't make it, but Brandi got to visit. Lemon Chicken for dinner was amazing - I'll have to get the recipe (And it was served with mashed potatoes - does she know me or what?) We played a pile of games and I have these bits of advice to pass along...
1. Resist the chocolate wine - it's not as good an idea as it sounds
2. Don't play as my partner in Euchre - apparently I have a curse against winning
3. Video games are a bad idea - avoid them especially after drinking

Preston loves this toy airplane, and played with it constantly. They can't wait till he can push himself around while riding it.
He is fascinated with the cats and Dustin. He especially likes pulling leg hair.
No Kitty, my blankie. Jasper is digging in hoping Preston will give up, but Preston wins and the blanket is back with its rightful owner...poor Jasper.

A visit with the Beery's

This weekend we have big plans! They start with heading to Tony and Sammi's today. We'll visit and eat (and drink) and hopefully play some games. It sounds like Dave might even be able to make it. We haven't seen Dave and Elizabeth in forever! It will be great to catch up.