Sunday, June 20, 2010

More from Father's Day

I took about 10 pictures of this event - grandkids on the swing with grandma and papa- and this really was the best one. It's kind of an impossible thing to get 9 children to understand that if we could just get one good picture they'd all be able to go back and play some more. Left to right: Issac, Caleb, Ethan, Lilly, Renee, Adelyn, Ema behind Eliza, and Eva.
Even Laura got involved in the rough and tumble game of kickball. Eric had to attend to the collision in centerfield.
What happened to kids begin hams for the camera? Only Ema was nice enough to smile and not hide behind her drink.
Ah summer... water+cup=happy kid

Father's Day

I took so many pictures today. Some days just are so much more special than others... and when most of my large family can get together to celebrate our dad, it's one of those days. Even Laura and the boys from California were in town - this day was priceless.
This is just part of my beautiful family. Laura with her pregnant belly (little boy number 4 is on the way), Kara halfway between one surgery and another, Christina the baby of the family who's so not a baby anymore, and my wonderful Mama. I am so blessed. (Missing from picture Brad my baby brother, Dad who the day was for, Holly who would get there later, and Tyler who would also get there later) - told you it was a big family.
This is what it's all about! Relaxing in the sun (or shade) shoes off just getting caught up with the people I love.
Issac just wanted to swim... and he didn't care that he still had his clothes on!
If only we could all look this good at 55 and 79!!! Are these the most beautiful women you've ever seen or what?