Thursday, June 24, 2010

We stayed up past midnight doing what??

So my creative passion is card-making. It started several years ago when some friends invited me to a Stampin' Up! party. I quickly became obsessed and well, the rest is history. But Christina has always been fascinated. As I've said before I don't get to visit my family nearly as often as I'd like, and the visits are never very long. Well Christina has started asking me to bring things to make cards so she can do it with me. So even knowing I was only staying 2 short days and that a lot of the time was spoken for with activities, I still dragged along my gigantic tote of supplies I sometimes take when I'll be away from home for an extended period and need a few creative accessories to help me pass the time.

So after getting home from Girl's Night at 10:30 I asked Christina if she was tired and when she said no I got out the tote and took over Mom's dining room table. Laura and Christina jumped right in, Mom had to be convinced. She didn't join us for about an hour. But we sat making cards together until 12:30. I've never gotten to share this passion of mine with my family except by giving them cards. It was so amazing to sit and be creative with them. Laura made 4-5 cards, Christina made 5 cards (and 6 more today), I made 4 that I left for Christina to give to friends, and Mom made 2. It was the best ending to girl's night I could imagine.

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