Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fishing is not boring anymore!

Grandpa asked the boys if they wanted to go fishing today. They seemed only mildly excited about the idea. Ethan complained that it is boring because he never catches anything. Grandpa assured them that this would be different because he was taking them somewhere special. We loaded up in the van and took quite a drive. I worried that the boys would get restless as the trip took longer and longer, but they were troopers. (It really wasn't that far, 15 minutes maybe, but with a creek within walking distance I didn't understand why we were going so far away.) But Grandpa was right, this place was different! The pond was so well stocked that you had a fish on the hook before you could even lower it into the water! I think each of the boys caught more than 10 fish. Then Grandpa asked them, "So what do you boys think about fishing?" and Ethan said "Fishing isn't boring here. This is the best vacation ever!"

We discovered it was better for Issac if he didn't fish with bait. He was terrified of the fish once it got reeled in, and nearly went off the side of the dock into the pond several times.

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