Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's a sad day

Today my friend Meg leaves for Arizona for the summer. She assures me she'll be back, but the "for sale" sign in front of her house haunts me. I will try not to think about it so much. She said I could stop by and sit on the porch with her and drink a cup of coffee before she left this morning, but she was going awfully early, even earlier than I could get there.

As I approached her exit on my way to class this was the cloud I saw looming - I guess the sky felt the same way I did about her leaving.
And then there was breakfast... Yesterday was Starbucks today will be Panara. And of course I could just get a coffee, but why skip all the lovely yummy possibilities for breakfast foods? So I decided on a "new release" - the ham and swiss quiche (more yummy than I can explain) and an iced chai latte. Is this the most perfect breakfast or what?

I wanted to stop at Meg's on the way home - to walk through the empty house and check on Merlin, but I resisted. She only left this morning, things are fine, I'd only make myself sad.

When I got home from class this is what I found! I have some ripe tomatoes, these are the first of the season. This is the symbol of summer, and getting to pluck them off and bring them in made my day!

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