Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Overnight Adventure

So, Meg has asked me to check in on things every so often and I have a class in Mansfield today and tomorrow so I decided to camp out here tonight to lessen my commute.

The day actually turned out to be beautiful! The weatherman was mostly right I suppose. I opened up windows and shut off the air because it is only 70 outside and there is an amazing breeze. Man if only the whole summer could feel like this.

I decided to spend a majority of the afternoon and evening outside and was able to work up a sweat. I pulled weeds and picked currants and walked through the yard. When it started to get dark I went out and gathered the weeds to throw out and startled deer that were in the yard. I watched them bound off for a minute.Finally I went in and decided to get out my craft tote (I hardly go anywhere without it). I could have watched tv, but I never have figured out how to use their insane remote. So I crafted several cards instead.I figure this could mean "happy _______" fill in the blank... birthday, anniversary, heck even Easter. Versatility is the key!This one is really shimmery and would make a great anniversary or wedding card.Our school colors are royal blue and gray so this will make the perfect card for one of the graduating seniors next year. Those kids will make me feel old. I started teaching them when they were in first grade and now they're graduating. They gave me fits, but I loved those kids, and I got to teach some of them 2 or 3 times during those 12 years. It's amazing how time flies...

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